4. Col d’Agnel

Unknown makes unloved. While the Col Agnel has a turbulent history in terms of big tours. So sometime in the Giro literally cut off the pack of the leaders by a snow avalanche that blocked the whole way. But also in the Tour there are great fights provided on this climb. Unfortunately, the last time this suit appeared in the tour (2011), the first climb and the beastly steep Italian side did not come into the picture on TV. Col Agnel one of the biggest Alpine cols and his 2744 helps the extent not easy to make the climb easier. Really for the high mountain bikers so. The French side is the easiest side, but also driven most often by Dutch because they reach the most simple via Briançon and stick easily to the Col d'Izoard is.

Like the Col d'Izoard, the Col Agnel fine cycling from Guillestre, this is even a must, but the beginning of the climb is seen in the village of Chateau Ville Veille. From here, the climb with its spacious twenty kilometers already pretty long. You are from the village center thrown in at the deep end. Two steep curves indicate immediately that it is spicy.

WAY UP 'Molines en Queyras' further actually not so bad. You have plenty of time to enjoy the beautiful views, the slope is steep, but not overwhelming. So it's nice bikes up. Attention is on the right side of the road after about 6 kilometers called Mademoiselle Coiffée, a sandstone tower with a huge rock like hairstyle.

In "Molines" it immediately becomes serious. Where the road is at its narrowest, it is immediately steep, very briefly even very steep. A few meters from the twenty percent. If you also actually have the bad luck that some pedestrians or dogs up the road half bar is a foot to the ground quickly, the only solution. This village has several fountains where you can refill your water bottle fine. But you find in Fontgillarde too.

After Molines the road is sloping to Fontgillarde the last village (water) for the climb and the border. At the last house (which is about to collapse, and every year gets pounded by huge avalanches) is again just a few meters before the absurdly steep sloping road again further winds through the green mountain pastures.

Until here all that bad. Until you come to climb six kilometers. It is also seen far off, because the climb is high, very high, and most of the climb you make in the final kilometers. 8, 9, and 10 percent take you to the col. Fresh from the lowlands feel this mileage extremely heavy, because the thin air makes itself felt. You're almost at 3000 meters clear.

The high location right next to the Italian Po plain makes this climb very sensitive to bad weather and heavy snowstorms (!) Are possible all year round. And if it is less weather, cloudy and cool, choose another climb, because the Agnel can and will it really ghosts. A fantastic climb in good summer conditions. A living hell (and even dangerous) if it is less summers.

The descent on the French side is fast, and the asphalt is good. But beware, marmots use asphalt as a sort of tanning bed. There have been several serious (fatal) accidents happen to riders that have been brought down by sunbathing and crossing marmots. Instead of at full speed to crack down, but enjoy a little more of the view and the rondwaggelende marmots.

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