10. Col de Pontis

The Col de Pontis is located or in the Alps, but it is clearly different from many other Alpine cols. Of course this is climb a bit lower. But it really feels different. In the beautiful woods you feel as if you are cycling in Luxembourg or the Vosges Mountains. But turn the village of Pontis again is clearly Alpine terrain.

The climb is not long. But remember that you must first about false Plat from Savines le Lac. If you're here running off the road immediately steep. After that first wall falls silent. To then be quickly steep. The first time the sign indicates is not so bad off-road 10%. Everyone has seen steeper 10%. Before you know it you're also in the village of Pontis. But this is not the end of the climb. Here it starts. The precipitous skyrocket. A long piece hangs at 12% to. Here's the really heavy bikes. If you are strong, you jump at the sign 12% off. After this turn you down some steep walls you have a steep wall over and then it looks next to a small kappeltje like you're there. But watch out! This is not yet the col. Something falling and then rising false flat to get on the real climb on. A great but unknown climb that anyone nearby should do once!

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